We are facing exceptional time and due to current sanitary circumstances, and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and families of the Junta de Andalucía, the campsite had implemented the following measures:


Park your vehicle in the parking and only a single person, with the ID of all the guests, must enter the reception. At the entrance, please use the hydro-alcoholic gel at your disposal. The reception will have a maximum capacity of two guests (one for each receptionist). The safety distance of 2 m must be respected at all times with our team member and the rest of the guests who are waiting. If this distance can not be respected, the use of a mask is obligatory.
According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the accommodations (bungalow and plot) will be allocated upon arrival, with no possibility of change, since priority will be given to those accommodations that have not been used in the 48 hours prior to arrival of the new customer, the stay must be paid upon arrival.


  1. We inform you that no refunds of advance payments are made.
  2. TOWELS are NOT furnished. Please bring your own towels.
  3. We remind you that the check in of the bungalow will take place from 3:00 p.m. Likewise, we inform you that the check out time from the bungalow is at 11: 00 a.m.
  4. At the check in of the bungalow you must provide the details of a credit card as a deposit. These data will be deleted upon departure after checking the good condition of the bungalow.
  5. Likewise, we remind you that the payment of the bungalow will be made upon entry.
  6. The accommodation does not have heating or air conditioning.
  7. The reservation of a specific bungalow is not allowed.

During your stay

For any request, please contact the reception by phone and avoid visiting the reception if possible.

Customers must ensure the interpersonal safety distance in toilets, urinals and all common campsite facilities. The maximum capacity must be respected and waiting outside the services if the maximum capacity is reached. The services will be for the exclusive use of clients who do not have these services in their camping accommodation (plots and not bungalows).


The vehicle entry card must be delivered, which will be deposited in a container with disinfectant, as well as the key of the bungalow.

Measures taken to avoid the contact by SARS-COV2 are the following:

  • The safety distance of at least 2 meters must be respected at all times, and in the event that distance cannot be guaranteed, use masks.
  • The pool has a capacity reduced to 50%, so bath delay of 45 minutes will be established, once the capacity is reached. Every 45 minutes the pool will be vacated and other clients will enter. Following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Families, the pool does not have hammocks, so clients must bring their personal chairs.
  • Minors under 14 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult and will remain within the space occupied by the family unit or coexistence, outside this space the social distancing measures will be maintained, being prohibited from running through the premises, jumping from no shape to the glass and the use of any type of float, except for the sleeves.
  • The rest area of ​​the pool will be cleaned regularly with bleach, so we are not responsible for any possible deterioration of textiles that may occur, since according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Families, laying directly in the floor is not recommended.
  • In waiting queues, the safety distance of 2 meters must be maintained at all times.
  • Common services will have capacity, one person per shower / wc, it will not be accessible until one of the units is free. You will wait outside, always keeping the safety distance.
  • In the restaurant all social distancing measures will be taken and the tables cannot be occupied without prior indication from the restaurant staff.
  • At all times you must obey the instructions of the Camping Staff.
  • Failure to comply with these measures, the internal rules or any other indication of the Camping Staff, will mean the immediate expulsion from the premises, without the possibility of returning the payments made.

Have a responsible attitude, collaborate with the fulfillment of the adequate protection measures to take care of your health and that of those around you. Please respect the instructions of the camping staff.

“Have a responsible attitude”

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